How to upload a release date on Quodat ?
Before anything else, the answer to the most asked question

Do I need to be the owner of the release in order to upload it on Quodat ?

No. But in this case, there are two things you should know.
First, you'll be asked to provide sources to increase the reliability of your intel. In a second time, if the rightful owner chose to publish the release date of his product by him self, we will give us the right to remove the one you added. You'll have more details on Step 5

Wait Do you prefere a video ?

The following page is a tutoriel on how to publish a release on Quodat. But if you prefer, you can check directly the video.

Publishers and Creators Add multiple releases at once

You are an organization with dozens of releases? Contact us to get a better status on Quodat and unlock the possibility of uploading releases directly from a file!


How to contribute ?

First you'll have to Login
There is only one button to upload a release on Quodat. You'll just have to click on the orange "plus" button on the bottom left of any page on laptop, or in the bottom center on mobile.

Step 1 and 2 Let's begin with... categories !

When you'll start to upload your release dates on Quodat, the Step 1 will be to chose among 8 main categories to unlock more specific sub-categories during Step 2. It's the sub-category that will be used as filter for your release.

Step 3 Add informations

On Step 3, you'll be asked to add details about your release. Only the title and the summary are required.
You can then pick a thumbnail and set it as the banner as well by clicking the checkbox telling you so, or chose to add a different picture for the banner.

Then, according to the sub-category chosen on Step 2, you will have the possibility to add more details to provide more informations about the release. In the example, we chose a movie, so details can be fields such as director or scriptwriter can be specified.

Step 4 Dates, countries and platforms

Finally, the main course. In the Step 4, you'll have to add at least one release date and link it to a country or a region. You can choose a country in the dropdown list by typing its name and select a date with the tool provided.

  • You can select a "country" Worldwide or European Union if your release is not limited about a single country (but you can add multiples countries if needed)
  • When you choose a country, only then you can add another one.

If you don't know the exact release time of the product, you can choose to select the appropriate format among 3 possibilities:

  • Date and time : the more details format possible.
    e.g. 10/14/2020, 1:25 PM

  • Only date : if you don't know the time, choose this one. The release will be printed until 11:59 PM
    e.g. 10/14/2020

  • Month and year : if a release is announced really early, you might only have the month and the year. Choose this one until you got more details to edit it. Until then, it will be printed until the last day of the month, at 11:59 PM
    e.g. 10/2020

When you have added a date and linked it to a country, you can then add a platform to tell people where they can have access to the release. For example, the release of an album can be done on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and many more.

You can choose this platform in the dropdown list on which we do our best to add more platform each time users ask for.

Well, telling people where it will happen is fine, but you can also link them to it. That is what the action and link sections are for. For example, for the release date of a concert, you can add a link to the reservation tickets website with the action "Book ticket" or "Buy".

After that, feel free to add more platform and their links for each country you'll add, you can always remove them with the red minus icon after the link section, or remove the entire country with the red cross icon.

Step 5 Sources and reliability

Just before pressing "Upload", you'll have to specify if you are the owner of what you are adding the release date If it's a movie, are you the director or the distributor ?.
If so, you will no need to provide sources and your contribution will be considered as reliable. Nevertheless, adding sources will obviously be a plus.

If you are a contributor and are not the owner, you'll have to add at least one source link than you can titled.
We recommend adding 4 links to different sources to have a correct reliability score. This score is represented by the orange progress bar.

To remove sources, click on the red minus or red cross icon.

One more thing Specificities

The date and country shown in the preview will always be the soonest release date.
When you'll have uploaded your release, we will give you 5 choices :

  • See the result
  • Upload a new one (it will clear all fields)
  • Upload a similar one (it will keep all fields)
  • Promote your release in order to stand out in the feeds
  • Regularize your release (e.g. you add the first episode of a series, you can regularize it every Sunday for 3 months, to make 12 episodes ina row).

Thanks for taking the time to read until here ! I'm assuming you are ready to upload your release now ?

I'm ready !