Media kit
Quodat in 1 min

A complete presentation of the site, its possibilities and its functionalities, all in less than a minute.

Press kit

In order to know the origins of the site, the people who manage it or a quick idea of the principle and the functioning of Quodat, you can download the press kit.

Resource pack

Download the graphic resource pack: logos, screenshots, promotion card, illustrations and more.

They talk about us!

Thank you to these organizations for their trust in Quodat

Quodat's logo

We provide a vector version of our logo for the following use cases.

Our colors

Main Blue

RGB: 14,16,197
CMYK: 93,92,0,23

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Contrast Orange

RGB: 255,95,21
CMYK: 0,63,92,0

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Light Purple

RGB: 235,235,249
CMYK: 6,6,0,2

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